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Winner's Opportunities

US Study Scholarship

Total Cash Prize HKD520000

Free Music Classes at University

Overall Champion Cash Prize HKD50000

Performance Tour with Local Orchestras in the US

Certificates Recognized by all HKIMF Co-organizing Universities

Hong Kong International Music Festival (HKIMF)

Based in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Music Festival (HKIMF) is an event which integrates all kinds of music, from Classical to Pop as well as Chinese and Western. Through organizing various music activities such as music camp, study tours, music competitions, master classes, seminars, etc, The HKIMF gathers music talents worldwide to the city, to encourage exchanges among musicians, and fostering local arts and cultural development in Hong Kong. HKIMF organized 3 terms of events between 2015 to 2017, with the number of contestants growing from 12,000 in the 2nd HKIMF, to nearly 80,000 in its 4th term. Over 150 regions across the globe participated the event with countries like China, US, UK, German, Australia, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong etc. More than 4,000 finalists came to Hong Kong to compete for the Final Round competition during the HKIMF festival week from 20 to 25 August 2017, and participated in a series of music activities, making Hong Kong an international music city.